AutoUI’20 – Emotion GaRage Vol. II: A Workshop on Affective In-Vehicle Display Design

On: 12. September 2020
In: Automotive, Traffic Psychology
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Emotion GaRage Vol. II: A Workshop on Affective In-Vehicle Display Design

At AutoUI’20

Driver performance and behavior can be partially predicated based on one’s emotional state. Through ascertaining the emotional state of passengers and employing various mitigation strategies, empathic cars can show potential in improving user experience and driving performance. Challenges remain in the implementation of such strategies, as individual differences play a large role in mediating the effect of affective intervention. Therefore, we propose a workshop that aims to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in affective interfaces and in-vehicle technologies as a forum for the development of targeted emotion intervention methods. During the workshop, we will focus on a common set of use cases and generate approaches that can suit different user groups. By the end of this short workshop, researchers will determine ideal intervention methods for prospective user groups. This will be achieved through the method of insight combination to generate and discuss ideas. []

Chihab Nadri, Virginia Tech
Jingyi Li, LMU Munich
Esther Bosch, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Michael Oehl, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Ignacio Alvarez, Intel Labs
Michael Braun, BMW Group Research
Myounghoon Jeon, Virginia Tech

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